I have been involved in music throughout my whole life and I consider it a great passion of mine.  I've been
singing since I could talk and have been playing around with the piano for as long as I can remember.  
The summer before I started 5th grade was when I had to choose an instrument to play in the middle
school band.  I originally wanted to play the French horn because I thought it a very beautiful instrument
and it had a solo in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" (BBC Miniseries in the late 1980s), which is
my favorite movie.  My parents didn't have the money to buy me a French horn but they did have my
grandpa's clarinet.  When I first played the clarinet, I felt a sense of connection to my grandpa and I
knew that was the instrument for me.  

The first college I went to was
Doane College in Crete, Nebraska.  My very first major there was Music
Education.  I received two music scholarships; one for the clarinet and one for my voice. I received clarinet
lessons from David Breckbill and voice lessons from the late Stephen Bobst.  I was saddened to hear that
some years back Stephen passed away from a heart attack.  Even though I went through several majors
and minors, I was consistently involved with the music program at Doane College and the second college I
Southwest Minnesota State University.  

When I finally graduated from college, I found a local women's community chorus:
Calliope Women's
Chorus.  Not only did I sing with them from 2004 to 2009, but I was also on the board as secretary and
music librarian.  The rehearsal days got changed in 2009 to an evening where I had a conflict, so I was
unable to continue singing with the chorus.  I am now singing with the
One Voice Mixed Chorus and am
having a wonderful time singing with them.

In 2007, I learned about the
St. Anthony Civic Orchestra and that they were in need of clarinetists.  I joined
the orchestra and have been playing ever since. For a complete listing of previous and upcoming
concerts, you can check out the website at

I can't remember how young I was when I first started playing around with the piano.  I do remember
starting lessons when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  My family moved to Northfield, MN when I was 12 and
despite Northfield being a musical town (primarily because of the high quality music program at St. Olaf
College), we could not find an available piano teacher for me.  That did not stop me from practicing on my
own.  I would practice just about everyday and I remember feeling frustrated that I couldn't play music all
night long because it would wake my parents.  I relished in the times my parents were away, so I could
simply fool around on the piano and clarinet.  Those were the times when I also composed music.  One of
the songs I wrote was an anniversary gift for my parents.  A couple other songs were in memory of people
who had passed away.  I've performed a few of my own piano compositions during church services as well
as playing the clarinet and singing.

I am willing to give in-home clarinet and piano lessons.  Lessons are 30 minutes in length

Arts and Crafts

According to my parents, I have been world-building by drawing maps long before I could write.  As soon
as I could write I would write stories to go along with the maps I drew.  I haven't stopped!  I certainly have
gained more knowledge over the years about creating worlds, characters, and stories.  One of the things I
absolutely love about writing is that I get to learn about a lot of things.  I love doing research!  I am in the
process of writing several novels.  I am more prolific in my poetry than the stories and novels I've started.
My first publication is in the August 2014 anthology of paranormal romance called "Trysts of Fate." Last I
counted, I've written over 100 poems.  Some of my poems are meant to be seen (I play with how the words
lay out on paper) and others are meant to be performed.  There are a few which are meant to be both
seen and performed.  I am currently going through my poems and dividing them into book titles.  "From
Darkness to Light" is a collection of self-discovery poems.  "Whispering Thunder" is a collection of poems
related to nature and the earth.  "The Dreaming" is a collection of poems that have been inspired by
dreams and when I have been struck by a really strange muse.  Another project has been percolating in
my mind since WisCon 2010 and that is to make a CD of my performance poems.  

Some of the stories I've been working on are:
"Children of the Light"
"Color Blending",
"Finding the Spirit Within" (Autobiography)
"Chopin Reincarnated"
"Just Relax"
"Theatre Ghosts"  

Of the plays and musicals I've started, I've finished one.  It's a 10-minute play called "Writer's Block."  The
other plays I'm
working on are:
"Bogus Bogacz" (musical)
"Voices of Silence"
"Secrets in the Family"
"The Broken Triangle"
"The Devil's Prostitute"

The prose I've written:
"My 29-Year-Old Friend."

I also write articles for my massage business and those can be found in the
FAQ section of my Heart to
Hands Myofascial Massage website.
One of the jobs I had while attending Southwest Minnesota State University was writing for the Arts section
of the student newspaper, The Impact.